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When I connect my Garmin 76CsX to my laptop, the laptop doesn't see it. I get a "beep" when I connect but it doesn't show up in the list of drives or connected. It is not the cable, as using the same cable I can connect my Majellan Explorist I also can't get any caches to go to either of the devices on the "Send to GPS" command. I get told that Chrome no longer supports the move, I try my Firefox browser and that says the same, not supported, and forum advice is to not use IE.

Any tips on what is going wrong? Is Windows 10 the issue with the 76CsX? The Majellan seems OK with connecting but not with transferring caches. I'm heartily sick of the refresh rate on my Android phone and want to go back to my GPS.

garmin gpsmap 76 problems

Have you put the Garmin into Mass Storage Mode? It should then appear on the computer as an external drive. But if you're using Garmin software to load waypoints, POIs or maps, don't put it into that mode first. Do you mean, updates on the house-brand caching app? Have a look at Locus Map free or prowhich is updated at a furious pace.

It's my caching app of choice, full of functionality. Thanks for that.

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Sees it immediately. I have a new map of Almeria to instal i know how to do that, onto my SD card but can i now download caches via the "send to GPS" instruction? The "send to gps" is a problem with the Garmin Communicator plugin that is no longer supported. There are a thousand threads on the issue. Ok, can you describe the process of either generating a PQ and somehow transferring the results to my 76 so I can read them, or the second thing you mentioned, the GPX. How do i put one of them onto the 76 so that when I turn it on and hit "Geocache" it is there.

I don't get what folders these things need to be in. Assistance appreciated. Both options create a GPX file. You need to open that with a program and then send it to the GPS. There are lots of possible programs. Garmin's Basecamp is one and is free.By nobodyhereApril 14, in GPS. One of my 76CSx's battery tabs broke pretty quickly after I started using 2.

On the side of the compartment with unbroken tabs, I have to use another piece of tin foil because the battery doesn't make contact very well. It's a horribly unreliable solution- the unit keeps shutting off, and the poor connection also screws up the battery gauge. Has anyone found a way to repair the tabs or otherwise fix the problem? The unit is useless to me right now because it keeps shutting off.

I regularly disassemble and repair laptops, etc and have experience soldering- the warranty is up, so I don't care about cracking it open for that reason. I had to leave it on the windowsill with the battery door off. I had a similar problem and I messed-up. On one end the tabs can be replaced but on the other end they are connected to the printed circuit board.

I tried the foil or metal shim a little, but I ended up breaking the contact with the circuit board. First time I called Garmin the person on the other end sent me new connectors and told me how to replace them. That person did not know that two of them could not be replaced. On my second call Garmin gave me a return number and I sent the unit back to them.

They sent me a new unit, and a new unlock code for my City Navigator software. One of the problems consumers face is that not all AA batteries are physical the same dimension.

I was working in public safety and we received a shipment of new batteries from a manufacture. We suffered a bunch of broken battery cases. Another example is re-chargeable AA batteries that will not fit in a Mini Maglite. Compare your 2.

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Do the new units have a better battery compartment design? Will I have to pay shipping both ways, and how much has this typically run? Yep, the real problem is the battery manufacturer. They're just increasing the amount of chemicals inside by a combination of making the sidewalls thinner, and physically increasing the size of the batteries.

Yep call garmin I had this problem on a 76 and it was out of it's 1 year and garmin still took care of the problem. The battery compartment is really really tight when using some of the larger capacity rechargeable batteries.

I phoned Garmin and was informed that they have a fixed price repair service for this unit. It doesn't matter if it is run over by a truck or something minor like a broken battery contact. The price is For this you get a new or refurbished unit and return postage.

You also get new serial numbers for any software you own. I ended up repairing it myself. It is pretty easy to take apart; just remove the 8 screws and carefully pry it apart.

Garmin GPSMAP 76 Owner's Manual

I modified a battery contact from another piece of equipment and glued it into position. The original contact is very brittle and failed through metal fatigue at the bend.

garmin gpsmap 76 problems

If you repair laptops you should have no problems. I just got done calling the number and the rep tolls me it would be a My Garmin is the I have deployed with this GPS 3 times. The one side battery terminal broke off and thought reading everyone else's post, maybe they would do a one for one swap for me.Table of Contents. Page 2 Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium to Page 3: About This Manual There are also step-by-step directions to assist you in these operations.

The Main Menu chapter provides detailed explanations about the Main Menu and how to use it to configure your unit. Page 5 Proximity Options It can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Prolonged submersion can cause damage to the unit.

Page 8 D-ring clockwise. Be sure to observe the proper polarity when inserting the batteries. Acknowledge each of these pages by pressing the PAGE key. The GPS Information page is now displayed. Page Adjusting Backlight And Contrast The Simulator Mode is great for practicing with the unit while inside and satellite signals are not available. The unit cannot be used for actual navigation. To turn off the simulator: 1.

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With the GPS Information page displayed, press Select the appropriate option to help the unit acquire satellites. Page Creating A Waypoint or simulating navigation to mark a waypoint. Page 16 When you have adjusted all elements of the projected location, highlight Save and press Enter. Make any other desired changes to the new waypoint data such as name, symbol, and date. If you select an existing route, the waypoint is added to the end of the route.

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If you select New Route, a new route is created and the waypoint is added to the route. Page 19 As you move around the map, the direction and distance from the Map Pointer to the current GPS location is displayed at the top of the map. Page 20 4. Highlight the desired waypoint and press eNTeR. For a GPS to navigate, it has to be moving. These points are not stored in the User Waypoint List.

This displays an options menu. Page 24 Route page. With a waypoint highlighted, press MENU. Reverse Route—reverses the direction of the route placing the last waypoint at the top of the list.

Page 25 Time to Point, and Leg Distance.The flexible stainless? Many people report that Garmin has repaired this at no charge even if the units are out of warranty. The units claim to be IPX7 immersible for up to 30 minutes but I dunked my unit and now it's ruined! There have some reports of units not really being waterproof. The reality is that once water is inside it, it's probably toast. Success in getting this fixed out of warranty seems to be mixed. Some of my keys are sticking or not working.

How can I test them before returning the unit to Garmin for service? Hold both until the test screen appears. That screen lets you test each button. Press each key, one at a time, to see if it's recognized. If your key isn't recognized here, it probably needs a field trip to the Garmin service center.

When I turn the unit off, it just beeps until I remove the batteries or they die. How can I cure this? This is great fun to find if you have your device muted. You won't hear the beeps, but the unit doesn't actually shut down. Your only sign that this happend is that the batteries will likely be dead when you next go to use the GPS. This family of products contains a defect in the shutodown code that seems to be intermittently triggerd by mounting the product or its SD card on a Mac or Linux system.

The presence of files starting with a dot on the GPS seems to cause it to crash when shutting down. You usually can't delete these from within the GUI tools like Finder.

garmin gpsmap 76 problems

CleanEject is free software that will erase those files before ejecting the volume on Mac. Or you can do it from a shell prompot. Trashes to remove the files. On Linux, the filenames and commands to remove them are similar.

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There are mixed reports of this being fixed in some models in late vintage firmware. The "tic tac" that you touch on these isn't actually the power button.

Garmin echo™Series -- Advanced Settings

Under that rubber is a long plastic rod that goes to the switch itself. Over time and pressure, that rod compresses and it doesn't fully push the actual button. Some hobbyists report that a strategically located drop of glue is helpful.

garmin gpsmap 76 problems

If your unit is still under warranty or if screwdrivers scare you, see "Repair" on this page. Garmin stands behind even their discontinued products very well. We've seen many reports of them repairing units with known problems well after the warranty has expired at no charge. Obviously, your mileage may vary on that. Even if you can't sweet talk them into that, they do have a flat-rate repair system. The exact price varies from model to model, of course, but they'll send you a factory refurbished unit when they receive yours.

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They report they'll honor the flat rate on units run over by cars or otherwise clearly damaged. All cosmetic issues like scuffs and scratches are addressed and the replacement is covered by a 90 day warranty.

It will be a different unit than you send in, so be prepared to contact them to swap activation codes on any locked mapping products you have licensed from them.I can't believe that Garmin are not providing a mechanism for users to report bugs with their products??

What don't you understand? They don't want a website where people come to complain about their products. Have you seen this site? Note the "common issues" and "error reporting" sections. Categories Discussions Sign In. Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. There have been a few issues in my 1st week, but the ones I have nailed down so far are: 1.

Delete All waypoints causes my GPS to crash - every time. I use the cursor keys to point to something on the map eg a street to get its name to be displayed at the top of the screen. I then hit Quit to centre the map on my current position again.

Then, as soon as I use an arrow key to move the cursor again, the name of the previous object appears at the top of the screen again - even if the cursor is being moved in a different direction this time. I set up a test route around my neighbourhood and followed it.

After passing through one particular waypoint, the Guidance Text retained that waypoint name, yet the Distance to Next was counting-down correctly to the next waypoint. After passing the next waypoint, the Guidance text updated correctly.

I repeated this test for the same result. January Even after disconnecting the unit, it was locked-up and I had to physically remove the batteries to shut it down so I could restart it. I did this several times for the same result. Boyd Points. January edited January DaveM Points.

Boyd said:. Garmin has the product support line don't they still? I've been using GPSRs since the s. Started w Magellan, and was pretty happy with them. I was pretty happy with them, despite the arcane UI in the Topo and Street products, and the way they made significant changes to the UI. I am an active mountain biker, road biker, hiker, outdoor everythinger ;-and use my GPS on my motorcycle and in my car.

And when moto or driving, I tend to memorize routes, anyway, so all the GPS does for me is provide reminders, or give me a shot at recovering from changed travel plans accidents, construction, etc. I'm pretty flexible and patient on the road.

Life ain't perfect. I decided it was time to upgrade to a newer device One of the first things I did was to go for a ride and see how it tracked. I plugged it into a late model car, just like I do w my PN, and it died. Never restarted. I contacted Garmin, and they said that they wanted to look at it, and swapped me for a new one.

I still tried to use the new one on the road, but with a USB condom.In light of rising concerns surrounding Coronavirus COVID, we want to assure you that SatnavRepairs is committed to maintaining business operations as usual. We'd also like to assure all our customers that your devices are thoroughly disinfected before being sent back to you in order avoid any possibility of spreading the virus.

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Zaharia Stancu, Nr. Order by relevance Order alphabetically. TomTom Repair. Garmin Repair. Snooper Repair. Audi Repair. Mercedes Repair. Smart Car Repair. BMW Repair. Ford Repair. Range Rover Repair. Hyundai Repair. Becker Repair. Navman Repair. Mio Repair. Magellan Repair. Navon Repair. MyGuide Repair. ASUS Repair. Smailo Repair. PNI Repair. North Cross Repair. GoClever Repair. Medion Repair.

Sony Repair. Navigon Repair. NDrive Repair. Navigo Repair. Evesham Repair. Blaupunkt Repair. Road Angel Repair. NavRoad Repair. Binatone Repair. Garmin Gpsmap 76S Repair.By dadn2daughtersMay 9, in GPS. I have a new computer with Vista and now have to get things working again.

This program received data it did not understand. Does anyone have any advice for me? Any good samaritans out there want to walk me thru steps I may have screwed up? Is there a FAQ or document that could be linked to me that I should read? You may also need to re-install the usb driver. When I got my Venture Cx, MapSource asked for the driver, which was sitting in the Garmin folder - I just needed to tell it where it was.

Beyond this I can not help much more. Thanks for the advice I am working on updating the driver as we speak as that is one of the problems I believe. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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